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Bandhavgarh – the royal seat of iconic tiger dynasties

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Legend has it that Bandhavgarh ( Bandhav – Brother , garh –fort) was gifted by Lord Ram to his brother Laxman on return from Lanka. This majestic fort against the backdrop of Sal tree lined rustic hills, dense vegetation and flat grasslands makes for perfect tiger habitat. Stories of legendary tigers, the rise and fall of their dynasties, the love between a mating pair that over rode their primordial instincts is what awaits you in this magical jungle.
Believed to have one of the highest densities of Bengal Tigers, Bandhavgarh has diverse flora and fauna owing to the different forms of soils , landforms and weather conditions providing the most ideal ecological conditions for rich biodiversity.

Expedition Dates: 10th March 2022 to 14th March 2022

  • 6 safaris
  • Twin sharing stay at Nature’s Heritage Resort
  • Jabalpur Transfers
  • Retained team of drivers & guides

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