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Corbett - the solitaire of Uttarakhand

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The oldest and most prestigious wildlife parks in the country, Corbett is mesmerizing. This iconic land is beauty personified. With humongous Sal canopies, white riverbeds, enchanting grasslands and the golden river Ramganga, tigers roam wild and free while elephants in hundreds patrol the terrain. A special experience for every wildlifer, the famous Dhikhala Forest Rest house right in the core is almost mythical. The breathtaking beauty of beholding the animals in their home, miles away from civilization will be etched in memory forever .The Mecca for wildlife in India, Corbett is home to the most spectacular animals a wildlifer can hope to behold.

Expedition date: 29th April 2022 to 3rd May 2022

  • 6 safaris
  • Twin sharing stay in the heart of the jungle at the Dhikala Forest Rest House
  • Overnight stay at the Machan resort , Ramnagar
  • Ramnagar transfers

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