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Dudhwa - Priceless Pearl of Uttar Pradesh

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Dudhwa’s landscape is a fairy tale come true. Beautiful canopies of Sal form a dense forest cover & are interspersed with grasslands & wetlands . This forest boasts of the combination of woodland-grassland-wetland combination known as the Terai ecosystem. The glorious canopies of Sal lined pathways with rays of light piercing through make for a dreamy picturesque scene. The park is one of the finest forests in India and some of the trees are more than 150 years old and over 70 ft (21 m) tall. Dudhwa is believed to host around half of the world’s Barasinghas. Winters in Dudhwa are really colder than cold but the intense sense of connectedness one feels while driving through this ancient jungle can be best experienced only in the flesh.

Expedition Dates: 11th February 2022 to 16th February 2022

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