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Kanha – the diadem of Madhya Pradesh

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A picturesque jungle that fills up your senses with a varied landscape of towering deciduous trees, interspersed with meadows and skirted by bamboo, Kanha is an ideal home for prey and predator alike. Majestic tigers, leopards, wild cats and the famous Barasingha call this mystical jungle their home. Stories of a legendry tiger with “Cat” marking on his face, sire to one of the strongest males known as the ghost of Kanha make this place a must visit jungle safari destination.

Expedition date: 24 November 2022 to 27 November 2022 

  • 6 Safaris with dedicated team of drivers and trackers
  • Stay at Soulacia
  • Nagpur transfers
  • Price starting from INR 41000

Come Share The Passion, Be A Wildlifer.

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