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Ranthambore – the iconic centerpiece in Rajasthan’s crown

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Nestled at the edge of a plateau, with the Banas river to the north & Chambal river to the south, Ranthambore derives its name from the magnificent fortress that is nestled inside it. With the best habitat for predatory felines, it houses rich wildlife like leopard, striped hyena, langur, wild boar to name a few. The tigers here are a sight to behold. Their majesty, sheer size and predatory personality is unlike other tigers. They truly personify royalty and blue blooded lineage. There is an air of royalty that lends mystique to the gorgeous jungles of Ranthambhore.

Expedition dates from 14th April 2022 to 18th April 2022

  • 3 full day safaris
  • Twin sharing stay at The Ranthambore Regency Resort
  • Jaipur Transfers
  • Retained team of drivers & guides

Come Share The Passion, Be A Wildlifer.

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