Your Wildlife Partners

Come As An Adventure Seeker And Leave As A Wildlifer..

Your Wildlife Partners

Come As An Adventure Seeker And Leave As A Wildlifer..

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Guest Retention

“I like animals. I like natural history. The travel bit is not the important bit. The travel bit is what you have to do in order to go and look at animals.”

— David Attenborough

Why EcoTrailz ?

Copyright © EcoTrailz.

Jungle Safari Extraordinaire

We believe that a wildlife safari to the gorgeous jungles is in fact an expedition. A journey you take to bask in the beauty of nature and behold wildlife. Nature’s swansong will surely leave its indelible mark.Our expeditions are a class apart. Armed with a brilliant network of hospitality partners, intimate understanding of the local dynamics, our expert expedition leaders are focused on delivering an outstanding experience. Focused on personalization, we create bespoke expedition experiences that are curated to match your individual requirements. Our expeditions have no hidden costs. We deliver on our promise, always. At 97%, our guest retention ratio speaks for itself.

Come Share The Passion, Be A Wildlifer.

Wildlife Destinations

The master key to a memorable expedition is best represented by the age-old adage of “being in the right place at the right time”. We are not just any other wildlife tour operator. We are a team of seasoned professional wildlifers, we draw on our collective knowledge, local network intelligence and experience to carefully select our expedition destinations. Guest safety and comfort are threshold parameters for any wildlife expedition we design. We believe that a personalized experience is the best way to revel in the beauty of wildlife. We do our very best to ensure that our guests are in the right place at the right time so that they experience the best jungle safaris, return with a heart full of contentment & a mind full of amazing wildlife memories.

Domestic Expeditions

India is blessed with a diverse and rich ecosystem. It is home to one of the most richest treasure troves of animal, avian, amphibian and reptile life. We are committed to inculcating a deep love and appreciation for Indian Wildlife.

International Expeditions

“Just Go. Go see all the beauty in the world” – Anonymous

EcoTrailz brings you the perfect opportunity to experience the wild at the very best international wildlife destinations of the world.

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Come And Experience Wildlife With Us.

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Here’s what our tribe members say about their experience with us.

Farhan Khan

My friendship with Ratish goes back many years and I recall telling him that he must consider starting a jungle safari venture. Ratish’s passion for wildlife, especially for Tigers finally led him to setting up EcoTrailz. My first expedition with them was to Tadoba in 2019. I must say it was a surreal, out of this world experience.

Surojoy Banerjee

I am an avid wildlife enthusiast and a seasoned jungle explorer. While I have had many exciting sightings of a plethora of wildlife and beheld the beautiful biodiversity of Indian jungles, the idea of exploring a little known jungle along with the chance to see the elusive leopard piqued my interest. Combined with a solid endorsement for EcoTrailz from a colleague, I decided to join the Nagzira expedition in March 2020.

Anushree Shetty

My very first experience of a jungle expedition was the outcome of a casual conversation with my sister. All I told her was “Let’s get away for a short break”. Before I could even blink, I found myself booked for a 3 day expedition to Tadoba!

Amrita Shetty

My affinity for nature and wildlife began with amazing childhood experiences, where I learnt about spectacular animals, reptiles and flora from my neighbors, a respected zoology professor and a wildlife conservationist. Two decades later, I joined an immaculately planned, well organized and superbly executed jungle expedition by EcoTrailz to Tadoba in Jan 2020.

Ritwik Mudliar

The experience I have with EcoTrailz can’t be quantified in words. While the rush of emotions I feel can only be felt when in the jungle , inside tiger territory , I give a lot of the credit for it to the experience EcoTrailz creates for each guest during the expedition . Right from sharing information about the park to be visited, organizing the safaris, the food arrangements everything is meticulously planned and executed flawlessly.

Rajesh Murali Ganesh

It’s always a great pleasure to participate in expeditions organized by EcoTrailz. I’m a wildlife enthusiast since 2015 and have visited different Tiger reserves with friends. But I always felt like something was missing from my experience during these trips.

Kiyan Mugaseth

I am a 16 year old wildlife enthusiast eager to explore and learn about the wilderness of India along with the animals and birds inhabiting the various regions. I have been to only a few national parks generally with parents and always wished to travel more. This was my first trip with EcoTrailz and wanted to give organized safari experience a chance.

Divya Dubey

The trip to Tadoba with Eco Trailz was amazing! We have been to several national parks before but the sight of a tiger has always eluded us. So this time we chose professionals, who not only know what they are doing but are also extremely passionate and committed to this hobby-turned-job of theirs.  Everything from the pick up to stay and drop was well taken care of.

Mohd. Rameez

Shooting animals in the wild is a dream for many photographers and I am no different. Working in a country with no forests, I let my dream stay buried deep inside. But the thirst for capturing at least one moment in the wild never went away. For the last two plus years, in my desperation to see some animals in wild I made multiple visits to Bandipur National Park in Karnataka ( the only park easily accessible to me) during my annual vacations in India but fortune didn’t favor me.

Manish Rao

For me wildlife is like therapy for the soul and there is no better way to get the best therapy than through EcoTrailz safaris.
Right from the safari details,pick up ,drop to the complete safari , the experience is redefined to the next level.I must add that the personalized attention by EcoTrailz team spoils you to the core . Wildlife expertise coupled with editing and photography tips from Ratish make it a wonderfully complete, happy package .

If you truly want to experience wildlife without the logistics worry and have the most out of the world experience look no further.

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We Help You Connect With Wildlife Like No One Else.

Come Share The Passion, Be A Wildlifer.

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