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Team EcoTrailz is made up of enthusiastic and zealous individuals with a deep love for wildlife and respect for nature. Driven by a hunger for adventure, we find wonderment and joy in the majesty of mother nature and the wildlife that adorns her bejeweled form. Our aim is to build an abiding love for nature and wildlife, while we organize and flawlessly execute bespoke wildlife tours and camps. The focus is to constantly build expertise on wildlife and adventure tourism, so that we help you write your very own special tale of an unforgettable wildlife tour. We choose destinations known and unknown, with a commitment of giving you a unique experience. The joy of having your smallest need taken care of & the feeling of comfort you get when you know each aspect of your tour has been customized to your requirements can only be experienced to be believed. With us, your wildlife tourism experience will be more than a just a jungle tour, it will pack all the excitement of an expedition but still feel like home. We use all our expertise & resources to curate an expedition to the wild that makes you want to relive your experience again & again.

Work Credo

Come as an adventure seeker and leave as a wildlifer….
The term wildlifer doesn’t exist in the dictionary, but is part of urban slang. Our aim is to ensure “wildlifer” is awarded its rightful place of pride in the dictionary. At EcoTrailz, we are committed to designing and executing expeditions built on the cornerstones of knowledge, solid research, careful planning and flawless execution underscored by our unmatchable personalized service. Combine this with attention to detail, expert jungle tour leaders , respected mentors sharing their experiences and you have enchanting rhythms building into a perfect symphony. Once you have experienced our expedition, sooner or later, a “wildlifer” is what you will become. You will seek more than a jungle safari, more than a mere wildlife tour. You will come back for that feeling of home away from home in the arms of nature. Our bespoke expeditions will have you planning your next wildlife sojourn even as you embark on your return journey.

Our Values In Practice

  • Focus on guest delight – we deliver on what we promise, every single time

  • Passion for wildlife – this is in our DNA and our expeditions stand testimony to that

  • Eco Luxury –we tirelessly strive to strike the perfect balance between economy and luxury

  • Connected – Be it on tour, at our offices or over mail/whatsapp, we are 24*7 available for you


The Tribe

Ratish Nair
Founding Member & Wildlife Mentor

Ratish is an avid wildlife photographer. A nature and big cat lover, his journey as a wildlifer started in 2014 when he first spotted a tiger in the wild.
His idea behind EcoTrailz is to build and nurture a tribe of passionate nature and wildlife lovers. He actively practices inclusivity and social responsibility while instilling a passion for all wildlife in all he associates with. He is committed to ensuring that all partners learn and grow in tandem with EcoTrailz.
His expeditions to tiger reserves in India are focused on specific tigers. He believes that when you are able to share information on specific tigers, their survival, life struggles it creates a deep connect with the beholder and solidifies the bond each human has with nature.

Ratish is supported behind the scenes by talented & committed individuals, whose only endeavor is to delight you with an unforgettable expedition experience every time you travel with us .

Hospitality Partners

While we are all for roughing it on a jungle safari in search of elusive wildlife, we take guest comfort very seriously. Our hospitality partners are chosen after a rigorous selection process. They provide the highest standards of cleanliness, luxurious comfort and the best food experiences that one can find near the jungle environs. Attention to detail and giving you the comfort of a home away from home while being close to wilderness is what we deliver. Your experience with us is personalized and we aim to bring that satisfied & happy smile on your face every single time.


Logistic Partners

We have a network of the safest & trustworthy logistic partners. Our partner empanelment process is thorough & we work with a service provider only after experiencing their surface transport facilities first hand. The vehicles allocated for our pick up & drop services are well maintained & come with highest standard of hygiene protocols. The drivers are well trained & well versed with the local roadways & routes. We are committed to providing you with a safe & comfortable surface travel experience.


We Help You Connect With Wildlife Like No One Else.

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201, Patel Terrace, JM Marg, Andheri east, Mumbai – 400093

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